August 27, 2009


July 9, 2009

Surprise Guest Blogger!!!

Ab has been SO busy lately thought I thought I would take it upon myself to give some updates. This is Shell by the way.

Ab has 9 colors, 7 haircuts and 1 style today. That’s a busy day. She even put on Facebook that she was looking for an assistant today. LOL!

Hmmm, now that I’m a surprise guest blogger, I don’t know what to say… Great. Um…

I just celebrated a birthday. Yep… 32 years old. Holy man. How did I all of a sudden go from 22 to 32?? Seems like I was 22 about a year ago. I do however, still feel like I’m about 22. J I love my life. LOL!

Enough about me… Zabe is doing good. I miss him everyday that I don’t see him. We went to the Lake City Parade a couple weeks ago. He was so cute. He got ALL excited when it was starting just this huge smile on his face. It was adorable. Then came the clowns… As they were approaching, I told Ab and Ann about how I don’t like clowns. Zabe over heard it and when they were coming up closer he was like “Shelly you don’t like clowns??” I was like, no Zabe. He asked me about 5 more times at the parade. Then, a couple days later out of the clear blue he said… “Shelly, you don’t like clowns?” Oh the memory he has. Oh and then not too long ago at a Sunday night dinner at my parent’s house... Some how we all got to talking about the time I got drug down the driveway behind the Turtle Top conversation van after church. I know, it sounds weird but it’s true. Long story real short… my shoes got dirty. We were all cracking up that Sunday night talking about it. A while later that Sunday night Zabe said, “Shelly, you got dirty?” “You got dirty, Shelly?” Oh it was so hilarious and SO cute. He remembers everything. It cracks me up.

What else is new with Zabe? Oh, the sippy cup is gone! He told Elizabeth that she could take it one night and she did. I don’t think he knew what he was getting himself into… I guess that night was a little rough when he went to bed but, ever since then he’s fine with out it!

The boy is growing like a weed. I don’t even know how tall he is but, he’s tall. He has grown a half and inch for the last 5 months in a row. Maybe the doctor is going to be right with the 6’8” that he predicted. Whoa.

We leave for Canada on Sunday morning. Everyone is SO excited. “Family Vacation on Lake Dinorwic.” Attending will be… Mom, Dad, Ab, Bud, Zabe, Les, Linda, (Ab’s in-laws) Ann, Cole, Tony, Carrie, Nora, and Sonny, along with his 3 best friends. Oh and me. We have a great time. Everyone is looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to trying out Bud’s jigs. I’m quite the fisherwoman I take a lot of breaks in-between the fishing tho... Hey, did you guys know that Ab doesn’t bait her own hook?! Yeah. She doesn’t. Maybe this year?!

Bye. Thanks for listening. I'm sure Ab will be back to blogging in no time. :)
Peace out,

June 5, 2009

Hazel Ruth

CONGRATULATIONS Char and Trev on your new baby girl.  You are going to be wonderful parents, Hazel is very blessed to be welcomed into the world today to such a loving family.  What a beautiful day it is. 


I can't wait to meet her and take a picture or two:)  Congrats!!!


Hazel Ruth


7lbs. 9 oz.

20 inches


Char and Hazel

(Thanks Theresa, I stole the picture from your facebook)

May 21, 2009

Potty Training 101 there a book?

Monday Zabe did fabulous on the toilet.  I had no hair Monday so I (and Ann) worked so hard, and Z did so well.  He went on the pot all day, with little accidents.  Tuesday. Different story.  I had a lot of hair, had to put a pull up on him, which to him I think felt like a diaper so I think he thought it was fine to pee in it.  After all he didn't get wet, like if he had undies on.  Wednesday and today were really busy hair days as well so no such luck.  Since Monday was the first day he has EVER gone on the toilet, I'm happy he at least knows where the potty is coming from.  Were getting closer!!


All is well otherwise with Zabe, same old.  Talking like crazy.  Learning like crazy.  Sometimes making his mother go crazy. :)  93.999% of the time he is a very pleasant boy.  The rest of the time.......I'll just say...It's hard to be a mom. 

He's growing.

He's grown 5" since October.  So, almost an inch a month.  Wonder when that will slow down.

He's 62+ lbs.  I should weigh him tomorrow. 

Size 7 diapers....they hardly fit.   They don't make a size 8 or 9 for that matter.....Pampers really should.

Still not a big eater, but when he does eat he eats good.

He still LOVES his milk.

And his sippy cup., I'm assuming he'll be about 12 before we break the soft nipple sippy cup.  Awesome!

And his blankie, Mike and Bob.  Mike is his baby, and Bob is a stuffed animal.  (Auntie Annie put undies on Mike and Bob on Monday) Zabe loved it.

Were headed to Fairmont tomorrow for the weekend for my great aunt and uncles 80th birthday party's.  Should be nice and relaxing.  Zabe is looking forward to swimming with Ashley.  Bud will be turkey hunting this weekend.  Good Luck honey.  I can't believe I'm not going this year, but I guess since I have the living room full of all the turkeys I've got I can sit out this year! ;)  I just can't believe I won't be there to call them in for you!  Good luck to Em this year!! 

Have a great weekend. 

P.S.  Someday I will take pictures of Zabe again and get them up here.  Soon.  Really soon.


"Peace out Rabbit!"

April 30, 2009

Photography.....I love it!!

I love taking a break from my "regular" routine schedule at night and really playing around with my photos.  I've been loving the whole "lighting" of the photography world and trying to "become one with my camera!"......thanks sis.  Instead of my owners manual, I've become one to all the crazy dials on the camera.  Although there's always plenty more to learn. 


(STOC)  Straight out of Camera shot.  In another words the original image.  All the images below are all from this shot, just cropped, and edited differently.  So fun.

 _MG_2128 _MG_2128-3_MG_2129 _MG_2129-2_MG_2129-4 _MG_2129-5 _MG_2129-6 _MG_2129-7_MG_2129-8


Isn't this fun!!   

April 18, 2009

Zabe's best friend.....

and our God daughter.  Z and god daughter are 7 months apart.  They have the biggest hate/love relationship which to me is adorable/annoying/crazy/annoying/funny/weird.  One second they are playing so well together the next second someone is screaming.   I can't wait to see what their relationship will be as they grow older.  I can already see Zabe being the over-protective one on his MUCH tinier cousin.  Time will tell that is for sure!!!!!








April 17, 2009

I blog WAY to much.....

I'm sure your completely sick of the frequent blog post these last few months. 

Ah, once again I find myself saying, "Where has the time gone!!"  "Like yesterday we just celebrated Christmas."  Now it's February April 16th, it might as well be March by the time I finish this post.  Ah, so much to say, I need a smoke.

I'm back.

11:20 p.m  (Where was I)

Zabe is now 9.

That is if your considering the weight I carry around when I pick him up and move him from time to time.  He's still my 2.5 year old and we all know 2.5 year olds still need assistance moving from place to place especially when their 60 2.5.  He obviously hasn't quit growing, or started to slow down, or remotely started to "slim down".   He's fffiiiiiiinnneee.  But....I'm still waiting!!  (Like Em says, "You just wait!")


Along with my sisters Z is becoming one of the funniest people I know.  At 2.5 the things he comes up with, especially lately.....


I told him if he cry's a bird will come poop on his lip.  Last night as we played outside on the deck and he's playing with some fresh bird poop he says, "Some bird come poop on my lip mommy."  Oh great.  What did I just teach him.  He thinks it's ok to play in the bird crap.  ISH!


I told him we need to pick up his toys before we go to bed.  Now... When the living room is spotless, he say's, "Oh, forgot pick up toys."

He's been really good at staling.  "Forgot give mommy hug, Forgot give daddy kiss." "No Zabe, you gave daddy 3 kisses already."


I'm absolutely positive my sweet, innocent, so well behaved, calm, relaxed, go with the flow child had his first TEMPER TANTRUM.  Not sure how it happened but he was not happy.  At lunch sat him down for his burger and fries he had to have over the much more healthy Subway lunch I had planned he wouldn't stop crying.  So after 10 minutes of crying, "Honey, it's time to take a nap."  He didn't like that, so I carried my 60lbs child up the stairs to his bedroom.  He was frolicking about, hitting his mother, screaming.  (I couldn't believe what was happening (I didn't really know how to calm him) I.DIDN'T.KNOW.WHAT.TO.DO.   Changed his diaper as he screamed, "I not wet!" I not wet."  Laid him in his crib. (He's still in there only because he LOVES his crib and has never tried to climb out.)  Today, he tried climbing out.  So, I took him out, (still in complete shock, because I still don't know what's going) rocked him in the rocking chair for a few minutes until he sat up, looked at me and I said, "Are you ready for a nap?" He said, "Yeah, nap."

HOLY MACKERAL!!  It's hard to be a mom.  I don't like tantrums. Thank God we were at home for the first one.  I would love to say that better be the last one...... Ugh, If I were only so lucky.  He woke from his nap 3.5 hours later and the first thing he asked about were his burger and fries....go figure.

MOST of the time, (or really all the time) while I do hair he does so well!!!  He'll walk into the salon, talk about his toe jam he's found, his guy, Barney, his book, or wants to give me a kiss. 


Some recent picts.


He loves his 4-wheelers. 


And chillin


He was also a little down and out a couple weeks ago.  But oh so cuddly!!!


Wisc. Dells.  And to think, the only person he realllllllly want's to go swimming with is MY single....cousin Ashley.


Oh, he's funny.  I promise.  Next time.  It won't be quite this long of a break between post.  Especially because of the clever things he comes up with which I don't want to forget.

March 31, 2009

Saving Second Base Sessions

Something my sister-in-law is doing and I'm going to help out with.  Come on up to Hibbing on the 8th.  Should be a great time!  Last year Em raised $500 for breast cancer this year she wants to double it.  Read below from her web site on how the night will work.

Friday May 8th, 6-10PM, I’m going to offer free 10 minute sessions.  This is an offer to women only.  You can use these images and session for profile pic on facebook, my space, business cards, web sites.  All I ask is you consider making a donation to Saving Second Base! (Help fight Breast Cancer)  You’ll receive up to 10 images on CD.


If your interested and want more info let me know, this is the friday of fishing opener so might as well get out and have a little fun.  Stop in, bring your friends, have a snack, take some fun pics, before you head out for the night.

March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


March 4, 2009


So I have been going to wrestling tournaments since as long as I can remember.  I do however love the sport.  Mom and Dad have been going to watch their children wrestling for roughly 19 years and now their baby is the last one to wrestle at the state tourney.  Luke wrestles HWT.  Same weight I would have wrestled.  I'm sure I would have wrestled if If I was like 103 or something.  Instead I decided to cheer.  Good times.  Luke wrestles tonight at 6, best of luck Sonny!!!  Have fun and Wrestle hard!



He got 2nd at Section Wrestling last weekend in Rochester, which made him qualify for the state tournament. 


I wonder what mom and dad are thinking-

....finally were done with these tournaments.

....what a great and exciting day this is. many years until the grand kids start wrestling?

....Dad could be thinking, I'm so glad I'm done carrying the video camera.

(Kidding mom)  I know your delighted, but can't help but wonder. :)



Zabe is supporting you today with his wrestling shirt and wrestling shoes on!